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Written by Lance Volk, a Quora Contributor

Prepare yourselves to have your eyes opened to the Reality of our existence, the Enlightenment that you shall receive will be the greatest Truth that you can find.

Begining to see the light

Starting to see the light



  So What Should I Believe?


     So if you are a person without any religious beliefs, don't fret, as there are things that can be believed in, that can be proven to be good and true without beliefs in deities or any other nonprovable notions of all-pervading energies and the like.


There does not have to be a belief of Heaven or Hell, Demons or Angels or any other type of Afterlife to base your life on.


If you are a somewhat normal person that has any sort of Moral fiber, where right and wrong are not such a stretch in logic to comprehend, there are just a few things that need to be understood in order for you to be considered a "good person" that does good things,


there are some rules of sorts and some logical beliefs that need to be understood in order for your way of life to flow effortlessly along with others of all beliefs.


Firstly, if you treat others as you would like to be treated, this will go a long way in a semblance of peace among people, also if you treat everyone and I mean everyone with a measure of unconditional Love, that would prove to be the wisest thing imaginable,


those two thoughts alone would make you a saint in many peoples eyes, but in reality, these two thoughts are only as good as one's attitude towards life in general, just as someone that likes conflict and relishes argument, would expect to be treated thusly, and some peoples definition of Love may vary greatly,


So this concept will have to be broken down into a greater list of morally good and morally bad things.


Even though some of these concepts may have been taken from some religious scriptures, it doesn't mean that they are not true and meaningful in a morally aware society,


the wisdom is undeniable and is supported by many local and international laws already.


Some of these so-called bad things are not illegal, but their practice will lead you down a path that will not prove to be advantageous throughout your life.


BAD THINGS                                                             GOOD THINGS


Murder                                                                      Helping People

Rape                                                                          Being Friendly

Lust                                                                            Chastity

Stealing                                                                     Giving

Cheating                                                                   Supporting

Lying                                                                          Being Truthful

Envy                                                                           Continence

Gluttony                                                                    Virtue

Wrath and or Anger                                                Justice

Greed                                                                        Fortitude

Pride                                                                         Temperance

Sloth and or laziness                                              Prudence

Vengeance                                                               Courage







Most of these are no-brainers, though some of these, unfortunately, are not even thought of

because of moral upbringing or because of religious dogma which prolongs these sort of beliefs.


Every country has different variations of good and bad, actually, they do not even categorize them in such a way as the sheer logic of it would just slap them in the face where the reality of their belief system would destroy their religious dogmas.


Another great offender is the suppression of free will, being able to live and let live, just cannot be accomplished in some peoples belief systems,


Free Will is a great thing when it is able to be used by everyone, your free will is great as long as it doesn't suppress anyone else s free will, also it will have to be understood that Free Will belongs to everyone with NO exceptions, that's all sexes and all races and all beliefs.


For you, young adults that want to make a lifestyle decision, sticking to the actions in the good column will keep you out of trouble and give you time to discover what spiritual course you might like to take,


joining a gang to control your turf is a good way to have your life end in a hurry, but starting a gang that does good, and I don't mean fighting so-called bad gangs, but being in a group that help people, possibly in your neighborhood or if you are able to travel, working for a group like habitat for humanity.


These decisions that need to be made, especially for the youth of our societies is difficult as there are different factors such as wanting to experience so many different things in such a hurry,


and the obstacles such as the opposite sex and peer pressure which might lead you to do something that you would not normally do, the adolescent emotions brought on by puberty along with difficulties dealing with people with the same problems make it hard to focus.


It all boils down to stop killing each other and to stop trying to control other peoples lives, if everyone was to be tolerant of others beliefs, and possibly learn something in the process, life would be a lot smoother going.


If you really want to know what to believe, believe in peace over war, believe in love over hate, believe that everyone has the right to believe as they wish,


and believe that your skin is a lot thicker than it is where angry attitudes will just bounce off of your tolerant self.


The Reality of this website is painfully obvious, it is going to lead you away from what makes the less than spiritual people of society do the things that they do in the name of materialism, to the other side of the metaphorical fence and think of others before yourself,


its aim is not to leave you homeless in the street, but to allow you to blend in with the material based on humans in a much more spiritual way.


There is no possible practical way to dispense with all material aspirations and still be a normal part of this society of humans, but by your divine examples, even YOU can make this a better place to live, and even become someone that people look up to.


     If there are still some of you that just need to know what the truth of Reality is before they can even go on any further, the examples given are good for a start,


even though we all live in a materialistic society, it doesn't mean that we need to worship materialism, we need to step back and look within for some answers,


I am sure it is good when we notice the terrible injustices in the world, and we feel good about discussing these injustices with our friends or we may feel good about giving something to a charity or to our church or whatever,


but it's one thing to talk the talk and another thing to walk the walk, how do we add to our materialistic society and how do we subtract from it should be some of our lingering thoughts.

Love beats hate every time



When we come down to the brass tacks of all of this confusion of what is or is not to believe in our existence, we cannot lose sight of our basic humanity, we are not animals,


we live in the 21st century and we should know better by now how to conduct ourselves, we should realize that everything on our planet is connected, the land, the animals and all of us.


The pollution of our planet, the exploitation of our natural resources, the suppression and oppression of our fellow humans, not to mention the hate and wars and terrorism,


at times I am embarrassed to be included in the human race, the way people base their lives on only the material aspects of existence and forget about why they have been put here, to begin with.


Civilization has been on this planet for 10's of thousands of years if not a lot longer, and what have we learned? Just imagine once, what you would be doing if it was 200 years ago.


Recently I was watching some videos about ancient civilizations and the speculations seem to get out of control, speaking of alien races enslaving humans or creating humanoids for slave labor, giants existing, some 1 mile tall.


There was a meshing with today's technology to explain some of these ruin's purposes, I have no doubt that there is some truth in some of these speculations, but these conspirator fanatics seen to try to overload everyone with too much data and hypothesis's, they seem to lack a focus,


I understand that they are writing books and are trying to make a living, but due to the lack of concrete evidence, everyone is flooded with a piece here and theory there,


there is definitely an entertainment factor there, but beware not to get sucked into the total package, and discriminate between what is important and what is pure speculation that really leads you to no benefit,


I have no doubt that there has been a civilization on our planet for much longer than science wants to admit, but the rest of these suppositions have no immediate bearing on my life,


the beliefs in nazi's under Antarctica building a space fleet, or the suppressed technology withheld by our government and the patent office, alien races living within our hollow earth and the "soon to be released" disclosure of these things are suspenseful and interesting, but I just don't think that it is worth basing your existence on.


There is a sort of competition going on with religion and science, religion has the faith thing going on and science is the "show me" belief system,


science has attained great power over the years by bringing us all of the great advancements like electricity, automobiles and air conditioning. Even though science uses the "scientific method" to come up with it's newest stuff,


still, there is a diversion from the "show me" path, to the "picture this" path of theories and best guesses, even though science accepts that an atom has particles, these particles have yet to be seen,


I have seen other models of atoms shaped like a torus where magnetism is the basis of its operation, also the proponents of this idea are considered quacks practicing pseudoscience,


so another idea of how reality interesting, almost like the emergence of another religion, watch out science, pseudoscience is the new kid in town, there is more than one way to propose a theory.


If humanity is in such a great hurry to be Enlightened, wouldn't you think that ending all war and hate in the world would be a prerequisite to this endeavor?


The arguments over believing things that cannot be proven like "God" for instance are missing the point of religion, isn't religion supposed to make people better, better in the respect of being more civilized?


This wisdom expressed in our various scriptures is supposed to at least give us some moral legs to stand upon and the idea that this wisdom that has been brought to humanity being supplied by some invisible entity is the main concern of science and non-believers,


the simple fact that the words given to us in these scriptures have great wisdom, and if these words with their intentions were followed by all of humanity, there would be much less war and a lot more happiness, it really would be of no great concern whether there was a God or not.


I have a simple solution to how to live life, following the items in the right column labeled "good things" and living your life by them,


then following your intuitions which also align with these good things, is a super simple solution to a potential personality adjustment designed to be based on Love,


disallowing any power to false personality will be the greatest challenge throughout all of this, there is always the "attitude" where something rubs you the wrong way,


something may not ring true to you in all cases, but realizing that truth is a relative term that has many vistas to be observed, though a view may not be your favorite,


it may be someone else's, discrimination in beliefs and actions are a key that can unlock your true self.


Tolerance, understanding, and eagerness to learn new things will be the new improved attitude that leads you on the path to enlightenment.


There are many of us out there trying to get the word out about self-realization, whether you are trying to find some meaning to life or just checking in on what humanity is learning from each other,


sooner or later the time will come when an awareness will overtake your material desires and aspirations, then you will be searching within for your own reality,


there is much beyond your senses that can be realized with a little effort, meditation, yoga, and spiritualist practices will be your gateway towards the truth of enlightenment,


it is true that some will never care about anything other than what is presented to them by their senses, it may just not be their time, they may be too early in their incarnations to have a concern,


and if this information was presented to you by one of your friends, the knowledge gained from reading these thoughts on these sites will be with you for the remainder of your lives,


it will give you a foot up on the others as your lives progress whether you believe any of it or not, the simple wisdom of it will always follow you until you are ready to proceed.


We all have 5 senses and our thoughts are the interface to the divine or spiritual, in our thoughts, we bring to life the images in our mind by creation from our will,


this concept is the hardest to understand for most religious people, they are well immersed in their material lives and do not understand the power of their thoughts,


they worship God but don't realize the power that has been given to them, many of these scriptures have analogies that are similar to each other, in the Bible, the serpent tempted Eve,


the serpent (materiality) bested Adam and Eve, thus causing the loss of our pure spiritual state, and we all have been playing catch-up to get closer to God,


all the while, Materiality is becoming stronger every day, the only remedy to this situation is to exercise our free will and discontinue to be slaves to our senses.


A Seen Image

Mission Improbable


To transform yourself from your sense driven materialistic self to what God has intended you to be is a task that exceeds all you have accomplished in the entirety of your life,


because until now, you have been programmed from a false personality to worship the material things that life has to offer, your only guides have been your senses, you have been conditioned by logic which is also sense driven to "not go there" When it comes to the realization of a spiritual component of your being,


this is a magic zone that is not considered real, having a soul or just considering such a thing brings thoughts of schizophrenia and a disturbed mind, the material based attitude is all about the senses,


to remove this sense laden garment and set your mind free to embrace your spirituality is probably the most difficult thing that anyone could accomplish, dependence on "things" must be regulated,


the false personality that depends on the senses needs all of these "things", control and sacrifice is what is needed to weaken the grip of your false personality,


it doesn't have to happen all at once, but every "thing" that is foregone is another step up the spiritual ladder.


So now you know what is ahead for you, a decision has to be made in order for you to accept what will be presented to you, to continue to go blindly through life with your sense driven self or to take control and start to deny some of the material things that everyone else cherishes,


if you accept this challenge, you will be considered the "boat rocker" and you will be attacked and criticized by peoples false personality driven ideas about how life is supposed to be in their eyes,


and not only that, it may not be fun, I for one can vouch that if you are not totally dedicated to the change, it will seem that boredom can creep in very swiftly, trying to quit materialism cold turkey may be the most difficult thing that anyone can do in their lives period.


So the object here will be to pace yourself, just cutting down on sense driven activities like watching TV or videos or playing video games or clubbing or overeating or drinking not to mention habits,


the reduction of these activities also needs a replacement activity that is more worthy of your senses, what that may be is totally up to you, volunteer work or spiritual reading are a couple of ideas.


At this point you may think that I am not playing with a full deck, the things that ask or expect are not at all reasonable, and that as far as you are concerned, you have been living, in reality, your whole life, and anything I say or do will not change your mind,


this is alright because I have accomplished what I have set out to do, the information that you have read here cannot be unread, it has placed a seed in your mind and now as you ponder its possibilities it will germinate and grow in your thoughts,

whether you believe that you have a soul or not or whether you believe that there is any sort of spiritual aspect of your existence is not of any importance because the door has been opened and the idea has found its way in,


enlightenment was the mission and the mission was accomplished, even if you do not believe in reincarnation, this will not stop what you have learned here to be carried into your next life, this knowledge will help you progress through your lifetimes,


it can be considered a sort of cheat code to help you skip by all of the unnecessary dogma and superstitions and get a better grasp of what will be expected of you on your next trip.


The beauty of our existence is that we really do not need to quit all of our materialistic needs, we just need to come to a realization, the realization that we have an immortal soul and we don't really have to believe it entirely,


we just have to explore the possibility, a little meditation here and there, a bit of dream programming and some light diversified spiritual reading may be the only thing that is necessary to get the show on the road,


just cracking that spiritual door open to the divine is sometimes all that is needed to have a face to face with our soul, and when this happens, the rest will fall into place like you had planned it for your whole life,


some of you out there are already there and this is just a refresher, but some of you have the need to seek for something that you feel is missing from your life, there are many avenues that can be taken to get where you are going,


but just know that every journey starts with the first step and the scenery becomes more interesting as the trip progresses, just don't sweat thinking that you need to be anywhere at any certain time, it will happen and it will almost seem magical.


How do you live in the 21st century and believe in God? Science seems to have all of the answers or at least a lot of them, God or the Tao cannot be seen or heard or felt or smelled or tasted, it can only be thought and believed,


sure there are some indications that there is some sort of intelligence running things, but it is so subtle that it is easily missed, faith driven by intuition is our best tool to take advantage of what needs to be known,


our scientific endeavors are a sign of progress in the material sense, but our spiritual needs are ignored by science, mans mind has invented everything that can be made materially, but our understanding of ideas and concepts that cannot be built have only our intuition to guide them,


our beliefs about our immortality cannot as of yet be proved to the satisfaction of science, yet there are still many things that cannot be explained by science and it is far easier to ignore these things rather than make a supposition as to their causes,


this is why science has theories and religion has faith.

Is there Proof of Life after Death


You may be expecting the answer of all answers here, proof of life after death is the single most sought after thing by anyone, science would love and at the same time hate this as it would open up spiritualism and Religion to a great extent and would remove some of science's power that it has acquired over the centuries,


it would not only make us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were all essentially immortal, but would also open the door to an all-powerful entity because once immortality has been realized, the next thing is to reason out how and why,


who has made us immortal? Jesus tried his best to let us realize that after bodily death, you can come back spiritually, some people are hung up on our material bodies and think that we will come back in the same wrapper that we left in,


our immortal soul does not really care for this shell, it is basically a means to get the job done, just like a shirt or pair of pants, when it is worn out you get another, as for "proof" this probably cannot be done materially or with anything having to do with the senses,


it will have to be a realization from your mind and intuition, and the reason why proof is not so easy to obtain is because it will more than likely not ever come from any of our senses, and if it were to become something that can be sensed by any of our senses, it will probably be a discovery of science,


as it stands now, having "Faith" and specific "Beliefs" driven by our intuitions is the sole access to this part of reality, after all, if proof of life after death was easy to come by,


it would be more of a curse than a benefit as uneducated people having this new knowledge thrown in their laps would not have the wisdom of their faiths to regulate this new knowledge,


they would be doing stupid stuff not realizing that there are cosmic rules and consequences that go along with this immortality if we were to remember all of our previous lives it would not only be overwhelming,


but it would lessen the effectiveness of the games that our souls play in the name of learning from the lessons that our free will affords us, our souls are subtle and don't always wish to be found out until the time is right and all of the wisdom has been gathered,


general knowledge of past lives also has the ability to create paradoxes, so any knowledge that you may acquire should be to help you in the life that you lead now, the help will more than likely be in a spiritual sense as opposed to something material,


like it or not, we are all living a material existence in 3 dimensions, 4 if you count time, and our senses and emotions are the tools that we all need to master in order to progress through these lives.


As for proof of Life after Death, if we realized what we truly are, we would recognize that we are most alive after we have discarded this material shell and our lives as we perceive them are just avatars in the most realistic games that our souls play throughout eternity.


This proof that we all seek has always been found in the end when our lives are finished it is guaranteed that the truth will be known, even if you have been the master materialist with no regard about spiritualism,


even if there was never a thought about life after death, it will be inevitable that the truth will come, but those that embrace this knowledge as fact now, will carry this information into the next life and the knowledge of this proof will be remembered and will be considered intuition or faith,


the mere act of absorbing this knowledge now in this life even if it is not pursued or even believed is good enough to have it carried over into your next life, but for those who seek proof to be held now,


some work is in order to coax the soul's essence to be revealed, meditation is the means for getting closer to your true self, having greater control over your physical body is a sort of training to help meditation take hold more effectively,


drugs are another way, but it is a dilution of your consciousness and is not as dependable as a purification, taking control of your duality is a more hands-on approach to coming in contact with your soul.


There have been stories in our scriptures about resurrections, about coming back to life after death, mostly these acts were performed by God or the son of God,


it is one thing to reanimate Lazarus after being dead a couple of days and it is another about bringing a buried corpse back to life, I am sure nobody would be happy about being a zombie,


having to reoccupy a body after it has started to decay sounds silly when you can occupy a brand new body, reincarnation is just that, it may not be what you imagined or read in your scriptures,


but it gets the job done, just because you cannot remember who you were previously, doesn't mean that you haven't returned for another earthly incarnation,


there are some cosmic laws that are being followed in order for you (your soul) to be able to learn from its many incarnations, your soul returns because it has unfinished business in the way of learning and repaying karmic debts,


sorry, but you are not going to come back fast enough to pick up where you left off and you are not going to be able to access your checking account or any of your previous holdings,


this is purely a non-material learning process and once you have made the realization that your material self is temporary and of no great importance your lives will be numbered on this planet,


your incarnations on earth will have been very diversified covering both sexes of all of the races, and the situations will vary just as much when Jesus came back after 3 days, this was to prove that there is life after death,


it was purely to make a point about our immortal souls, the length of time varies between incarnations as an orthodox Jew it could be just a few days and others believe up to 200 years average and still other beliefs will state 600 years,


I believe that it depends on each individual situation and some other factors such as the age of death and what karma was acquired in the previous life,


I would suspect that there would be a sufficient buffer between lives to prevent any conflicts or a paradox like avenging your own murder as there would be little to learn from such action except how fast one could acquire karmic debt.








As a typical human in the United States I have had what I believe as an Indulgent life, I would do what pleased me as I felt fit, and at times I even overindulged in things such as eating junk food, playing video games, watching movies or videos and participating in any vice that I thought would change things up for me,


I was totally emersed in my senses and reveled in the material things of life, now as I look back on all of that, I think that it was such a waste, a waste of time and a waste of life, at the time it was normal for me,


I was like the majority of people, there may have been some slight deviations like some people would work more and craved more money or may have had vices that they were more involved in or other variations that may have involved the use of more money,


but in essence it was like most people in my situation, I guess what was most different in my case was that I was quite spiritual and was always seeking answers to those pesky difficult questions,


the change in my lifestyle was slow at first, it started as moderation in my needs for a few years, then, it seemed that all at once I jumped into the spiritual mode all at once,


it was like I formed a new team and the captain was not me, a completely new set of ideas led the way and has been leading ever since,


I do not regret relinquishing control over to my soul as it seems to be much wiser than I or my material self, it has led me to inform people of what I have learned, and what I have learned is that we all have a false personality that exists from our senses,


it needs to be realized and then controlled, it is our spiritual side that is subtle and easily unnoticed, it seems to mostly be an observer unless you give it a chance to be heard. This false personality is known as our ego,


it is what lives within the senses, it is what harbors any sort of vanity or pride that we may have, it is all about "I" where your Soul, that is spirit based is your "self" or true self, it is impossible to live from only your self,


right now you are trapped in I's material body and are at its material mercy to an extent, most of us are not monks living in seclusion in the mountains, most of us live in cities and with other people like us,


we do our jobs as best as we can in order to maintain a good living and taking pride in our work is different than overinflating our ego and needing recognition for everything that we do, that is temporary and will dissolve at the end of our lives,


the soul will continue with another body and do it all over again until we realize that we are not the role that we are playing, our material existence is nothing more than a test of the ultimate extreme.


Being overindulgent is fun or so it seems, giving our material selves the free run of life is easy, sitting down with that martini after work and having a cigar is what makes life worth living for many people,


this is a specific example that varies among all people, the sense driven vices seem harmless enough, but they are setting up a smoke screen that is blinding many to true reality, being wrapped up in those innocent little after work rituals appear to allow you to relax,


and they do appease your material self by catering to its needs, it is hard to argue with someone's morning coffee as it wakes you up in the morning. Being this is a discussion about False personality and its material needs I am reluctant to use the word "I" as that indicates a view as taken from my ego,


but I have been in a battle with my False personality for some time now and I can state that YOU can take control back, I have had all of those little vises and habits and still have a few indulgences that I cater to,


but coffee drinking was one of the first to go, besides keeping me up at night, it makes me overly hyperactive especially since I have started shifting from the material to the spiritual,


it just isn't really needed anymore, actually, it was the caffeine that was not needed, so just try switching to decaf for a while and see what happens.










Is Enlightenment Possible?


Most certainly Yes, it is not always guaranteed to happen in this lifetime, but if you sincerely seek it, it will prepare you to have enlightenment in the next life, being that souls are at different levels of each of their evolutions,


this may not be your time to be enlightened, your present mission may have different goals, but the good news is, if you are reading this, you have specifically searched for answers that this pertains to and probably it is your time to learn what is necessary to progress in this cycle,


enlightenment is possible this time around, or at least a partial enlightenment, there are always lessons to be learned, and even though you may be karma free, there still may be things for you to learn before completing this soul cycle,


meditation and study are two proven ways to get there, also there are the chosen ones that have it thrust upon them for whatever reason only known to the cosmic intelligence in charge,


it is known that if you are seeking wisdom, it will come or at least it will lead you down the right path, just pay attention and try not to be distracted, a measure of sacrifice on your part will prove your sincere intention,


so skip the binge night or forgo the weekly party and seek the wisdom necessary to get you on the path to enlightenment, it isn't always going to be easy to not be distracted from your spiritual aspirations,


most of all, do not try to seek enlightenment itself, you will be trying too hard and it will never come, just following your spiritual path with absolutely no expectations will be the best route, be more spur of the moment and try to enjoy life more, this will benefit you more than anything.


Your primary goal should be educative, it should be searching for the meaning of life, just living your life and trying new things can eventually end up with giving you moderate enlightenment,


expecting "full enlightenment" is not a practical goal and does not happen to people on a regular basis, it has been found that such extraordinary experiences such as enlightenment may happen when it is least expected,


just a steady study of life and its experiences should be the goal and what happens happens, just living life to its fullest is an enlightening experience in itself,


the learning of things that were previously unknown and the occasional epiphany should be the best you should hope for, a humble frame of mind that is devoid of any arrogance has the best possibilities of expansion,


learning, living and being should be your base goals, doing what you enjoy can be the fuel you need to drive you towards your goals, and remember that it is never too late to start to search for truth and wisdom,


reading what enlightened individuals have to say can point you in the right direction or if reading is not your favorite method of learning, there are many videos about and by enlightened individuals,


then there is the search within, meditation seems to always be a crucial component of enlightenment.

Does Truth Change?


Of course, truth changes, at least some truths change regularly, your personal truths may vary like the wind, and some truths are cyclic like if it is said that the sun will be in the sky tomorrow is a relatively logical truth,


but in a few billion years it may not be or possibly some cosmic catastrophe could wipe it out of existence which would not make it the truth,


if you are speaking of the truth about reality, then that would be a more stable truth as it is a truth that has already happened and is our existence,


now, believing that you are an immortal soul that has been around before our sun even formed is a matter of your belief system and your intuition, as a rule, if it has something to do with the senses and materially, it has a better chance of changing that if it is a spiritual constant.


Objective truth and a subjective truth can change often, by the fact that there are other people involved amplifies this fact, you will not always be the best at something,


but if you created something, that will never change, if you think that you invented something, that can be considered your truth unless someone else proves otherwise,


theories change, but beliefs are a truth of faith and as far as I know, at this point of time they have not been proven false.

Reality in Science


Science is frantically trying to explain nature, the atom and in essence the reality with mathematical precision,


it started simply with observance with our physical senses and has evolved from Newtonian physics, the theory of relativity, the unified field theory, quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics (QED),


all of these theories have had some success in explaining the atom, but they still are incomplete as to an all-inclusive theory, there are also, some various string theories that are being tried out with limited focused success,


yet there are things like gravity and the observer effect and the measurement problem that is throwing science for a loop, the scientific community seems to refuse that with just seeming observance that we affect the outcomes of experiments just by viewing them,


this phenomenon is much more pronounced when we attempt to view or measure at a subatomic scale, this is where science and spirituality start to approach each other,


ancient beliefs have a belief in ether from where all matter is manifested, science considered this area where there was no matter a vacuum, but after QED came about there is now proposed theoretical stuff happening in this apparent empty space,


the astrophysicists have discovered that something is causing an expansion of our universe, it cannot be seen or measured, but its effect has made its presence noticed,


it is now being called dark matter and or dark energy and it composes the majority of our universe, once it is realized that the human mind has been developing all of these theories and creating all of the instrumentation to detect, monitor and influence these material manifestations,


it should not be such a great leap to realize that our minds influence matter and that we are truly creating our realities,


the pseudosciences will be the new frontier where these scientists will not be afraid to explore these unknowns in fear of ridicule from their peers,


where the unexplained effects will be studied instead of being ignored and avoided because of the lack of knowledge or worse yet because of pride where some peoples life work will be proved wrong and they will protect what they have done out of sheer ignorance instead for what is right,


it is greatly hoped that we don't have to wait hundreds of years for acceptance of new ideas or theories that may help explain our reality, we really do not need another Copernicus incident to muddy up our evolution, any more that is has been.

What is the Truth?


Many believe that they know the truth about reality, they know why we are all here, I think that the reason we are all here is to find the answer to that question,


the answer does not lie in how much stuff we have or how much money we make, all of the material truths are inconsequential, it's the spiritual truths that have the answers that we seek,


when it seems important to us about who is the best or has the most or does the most outrageous stuff we are missing the truths that really count, what about the truth of our reality and the truth about our selves?


We continue to go through our lives with only a belief in what we see or what we hear, what we see and hear is not always the truth and even less the truth about our reality,


it is sad when people believe that the truth is not getting caught in a lie and that everything is free game, integrity is gone and the meaning of truth means less and less,


it is time to exit this fantasy life of ours and search elsewhere for the truth, essentially, everyone can only be true to themselves, search within and ask yourself for the truth,


and possibly if you are seriously earnest enough to examine yourself to a degree that leaves no room for error, you may be surprised what you find, what is the truth should be a question that is explored from within,


examining why we do certain things just because we like doing them is a good starting point, and if we are bold enough and not afraid of the truths that we find we may end up better for all of our efforts.

What is the Nature of Reality


Considering what is presumed to be known about the nature of reality and what is the nature of reality are two completely separate views, one involves what our senses tell us and the other is what it actually is,


our lives consist of our existence with each other where we need to get along or not get along, our 3-dimensional existence on this planet is not our normal state, we are all souls trapped in flesh and blood body that is guided by nothing more than our senses or that is what the majority of humanity believes,


they do not realize that this existence was volunteered for many lifetimes ago, and it is a mission that is to gather information for "all that is" or God or the Tao or whatever you wish to call it,


the object is to experience every possibility of life experience as a man and a woman of every race and situation on the planet, the ultimate outcome of this adventure is enlightenment,


enlightenment to why and what we are doing here, we are handicapped where we have a dualistic nature that is at odds with itself, we see and smell and taste and feel and hear and we are able to think and reason in order to bring these senses together to be able to function in this environment,


this is our materialistic side or animal side, it is contrasted with our spiritual or divine side which is not of the 5 senses, being able to realize this dualistic nature and being able to cope and control it with our free will is the name of the game,


life by life we learn, make mistakes, acquire karma and then repeat, we can easily have 200 lives before the realization is noticed and the information is accumulated and carried to the next life where eventually, we will have either reconciled our karmic debts and or realize what is going on and conquer our duality,


between our lives our true selves will plan for the next life and how to resolve karma and learn certain lessons that are necessary for completing another life and possibly completing a grand cycle so we will be able to proceed to the next mission on another planet or different dimension or some other form of reality,


our multidimensional souls have a busy schedule that lasts an eternity.

Will the truth Set Me Free?


A most resounding YES, by revealing a hidden truth, you are unlatching your Karmic shackles and taking one spiritual step towards the divine,


suppressing the wrongs you have done in your life only binds you and stalls your progress in this life, having nothing to hide in your life is a very liberating place to be,


if you have led someone astray by your deceptions, your actions will haunt you lifetime to lifetime, you have created a cosmic imbalance that will snowball into something that is going to come down hard on you eventually,


as you sow, so shall you reap, it will end up ruining your life if you don't come clean with the truth, it may be something as inconsequential as playing with words by misleading someone one way or another


or deliberately giving bad directions or advice that has the potential to do unexpected greater harm than was intended,


there is a reason that one of the 10 commandments is to not give false witness as it is one of the greatest creators of karma that there is, if you have some unsavory secrets that may have hurt someone,


the sooner that you decide to reveal your indiscretions the sooner that you will be able to continue with your life with one less karmic restriction,


even if it is as small as a little lie about something that you did as a child or adolescent, just exposing that lie to someone that was originally involved 30 years later will help,


and if there is nobody that was involved around anymore, just telling a friend can also help greatly, as long as you have secrets that have impacted someone's life in any way you will have upset the cosmic balance where it will need to be rectified one way or another,


if not in this life, then some other life will have to set things right in a totally different set of circumstances that will be absolutely foreign to you at the time,


be conscience of your mistakes now and fix them while you have the chance in this lifetime.

Can Reality Be Altered?


Sure it can, we all alter it on a regular basis, just by stopping a detrimental practice you may alter your reality for the better,


if you think that you can radically alter reality this may be a different matter because we are all co-creators of our reality there must be a mutual agreement on a massive scale to massively change it,


but if you just intend to change your reality, this is a different matter, a change of beliefs and implementation of a new lifestyle is very possible, just a change of diet or a change of free time activities can alter your reality greatly,


this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many things that can make you and others you care for better off spiritually, I am not mentioning anything about a financial state as that will surely follow when you have fixed the more important aspects of your life,


most financial problems come from wrong thinking and are there because we have created them ourselves or there is something to be learned from a balancing of karma,


in most cases what is to be learned is that you have created this and are able to create something better,


you may not recognize this and continue to prolong unfavorable situations in your life because you have not yet learned the lesson that has been presented to you or have not completed the mission that your soul has set out for you,


If you believe that you are stuck in a rut, your present life must be evaluated carefully to determine what you are doing wrong,


it is not always very apparent what you are doing incorrectly and you may have to abandon a specific lifestyle and make some sort of sacrifice in order to make it past the point that you are stalled at,


do not let greed hamper your efforts as this is a common obstruction for many.

Is Enlightenment Religious?


There have been many non-religious people that have had experiences that have proven to be enlightening and no one has ever heard of them,


it is the religious characters that are able to spread their enlightenment more readily because the related clergies and powers that be are able let others know much more efficiently and effectively,


people like Walt Whitman have expressed their enlightenment through their writings, their souls have a adequate enough of a connection to enable them to express it to some degree to others,


The biggest perc that religion has in the enlightenment game is faith, without some degree of faith, enlightenment would almost have to be forced upon someone,


when you are on board with the notion that there is something out there that has an intelligence, you begin to start to notice it everywhere,


and when you actually believe that you are an immortal soul that just happens to be in a 3-dimentionally physical body for the purpose of learning so that you may add your accumulated knowledge to "all that is",


enlightenment begins to be a possibility, religion is not necessary but it can be a good stepping off point towards certain realizations required for the journey,


enlightenment does not have to be religious in order for it to happen to you or anyone else, strong beliefs and a faith in something greater than yourself can enable you to realize what is required to know enough to be enlightened,


there will have to be a belief in something on the order of God or whatever you wish to call it and it will also have to be realized that you are a soul that inhabits beings in order to understand different realities,


that you have lived many lives in these bodies as observers and will continue to live, it has to be more than reading these word and thinking that it is cool, it has to be an actual part of your belief system,


this is why religion makes it so much easier to become a reality, faith is mandatory, when you are delving into religious experiences, it sets you up to be able to be contacted by your soul,


this would be the point where your life would change, the defining moment where your faith has progresses to knowing, when there is no longer any doubt whatsoever, enlightenment will ensue,


once you have refined your particular religion to remove the superstition and fear, the dogma will no longer be necessary and your beliefs can proceed from the stance of unconditional love, the wisdom gained from your religion will then be understood in its entirity.

Spiritual Enlightenment Meaning



Enlightenment is roughly defined as the point where mankind is at concerning itself with the full comprehension of a situation, this is broken down further into sub categories, but spiritual enlightenment is concerning the full comprehension of spiritual truths which are not of the material realm,


these can be purely subjective and are commonly debated as to factual nature, since they concern themselves with the spiritual realm and not the physical, material realm, proofs are essentially impossible in most cases,


when certain realizations are gained that change a fundamental outlook on life, this can be considered a form of enlightenment, beliefs will be modified and religious beliefs may be drastically changed to accommodate the enlightening experience,


in all cases, these various spiritual enlightenment's are purely subjective but some aspects of them may be agreed upon, they all in some way change the views of a particular reality that goes beyond what the senses may bring to light,


this sort of enlightenment is meant to remove power from our physical, material selves and give it to our spiritual selves, it has a definite bias because spiritual enlightenment is purely of virtue and basically anything physical or material in nature has a self serving air about it,


the difference is as simple as night and day, our eyes are opened to our true reality by recognizing our physical, material deli-mas, when you are totally immersed in the material, physical existence that you live each and every day,


spirituality is something that needs to be consciously addressed in order for there to be any progress towards enlightenment of this nature, when you have ideas and beliefs that go beyond what you perceive with your senses,


this can be considered spiritual enlightenment, these perspectives may vary among individuals but will concern non physical and non material ideas they may be recognized as the selfless desires and beliefs as opposed to the selfish self serving beliefs and desires of the physical, material realm.

Can Enlightenment be taught?


If we all lived in India, this sort of question would be a "no brain er" as every guru or enlightened teacher has this vocation, and it is required to seek out one of these individuals in order to truly understand what it is that you are actually seeking,


of course enlightenment can be taught, it is the learning of enlightenment that is the challenge, it is well known that any horse can be brought to water, but it is another thing all together if it decides to drink,


someone with the unbiased desire to learn and do what it takes to get the job done is able to be taught, this does not mean that this is the only way to come about enlightenment,


for those that have absolutely no idea of what they are really looking for should seek out these enlightened individuals especially if they have this itch towards enlightenment, for those of you like myself that were merely seeking for answers to the questions in life, the search for enlightenment was not even on my mind,


but after 50 years of looking for answers it would not be out of the realm of possibility that something of that sort may be stumbled upon, once you are shown what is behind the curtain, perceptions change profoundly,


the soul has made itself known to you and has brought a whole new set of priorities for you to follow, this does not say which way is preferred, in my case, enlightenment did not set in until after I was 60 years old, you might want to find a proper teacher if you are in a greater hurry than I was,


when it is all laid out for you to consider and certain disciplines are followed, enlightenment has the ability to be learned at a much earlier age, most all knowledge that has any sort of wisdom involved will bring you that much closer to enlightenment,


you can read many books and attempt to understand what they tell you, this is one path towards enlightenment. But to listen to the words of an enlightened person is a whole new ball game,


they are able to pose question to you that will make you realize certain things, they have ways to show you the path of least resistance and have the ability to allow you to see what it is that is necessary for you to advance on your quest,


though it is not guaranteed to happen, the chances will become much greater especially if you stick with it.

Is Reality an Illusion?


You might be wondering if what you are doing right now at this moment is really an illusion, by illusion you mean that you are being tricked somehow, as a physical human being your reality as you perceive it right now is as real as it gets,


from a spiritual perspective, your soul knows that this physical existence is just a construct that allows us to function in this particular environment, there is no use in trying to buck this experience because it is the reason that we have come here in the first place,


so we may ultimately know this is an illusion, it is for us to use this knowledge to our advantage, we need to perfect our individual experiences so as to make the most of our situations,


this 3-dimensional illusion of ours needs to be perfected to the point of controlling all of our own actions, what we may be experiencing might be something that our souls are manufacturing as a learning experience but that doesn't mean that we all have to be stupid in the process,


we need to exhibit a reasonable amount of control over our emotions and actions and the experience can actually be a pleasant one, after all, we are all creating our own realities with our own beliefs and actions,


the technical part of how this illusion is formed is far less relevant than how we navigate through it, besides, our souls have been doing this always, it isn't a mechanical process that can be explained by physical, material means because it has created the process and always creates the process,


it is far outside of the physical realm and science has no approach that can even come close to explaining it, it is best to just learn to cope and understand what is required of each of us and then things will begin to fall into place,


this illusion that we live in is a creation of each of our souls in concert with each other, we need only follow our own individual passions in order for life to form what we truly desire,


our souls will present the challenges that are required for our education and we shall become comfortable in the illusions that we create.