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  So What Should I Believe?


     So if you are a person without any religious beliefs, don't fret, as there are things that can be believed in, that can be proven to be good and true without beliefs in deities or any other non provable notions of all pervading energies and the like.


There does not have to be a belief of Heaven or Hell, Demons or Angels or any other type of Afterlife to base your life on.


If you are a somewhat normal person that has any sort of Moral fiber, where right and wrong are not such a stretch in logic to comprehend, there are just a few things that need to be understood in order for you to be considered a "good person" that does good things,


there are some rules of sorts and some logical beliefs that need to be understood in order for your way of life to flow effortlessly along with others of all beliefs.


Firstly, if you treat others as you would like to be treated, this will go a long way in a semblance of peace among people, also if you treat everyone and I mean everyone with a measure of unconditional Love, that would prove to be the wisest thing imaginable,


those two thoughts alone would make you a saint in many peoples eyes, but in reality, these two thoughts are only as good as ones attitude towards life in general, just as someone that likes conflict and relishes argument, would expect to be treated thusly, and some peoples definition of Love may vary greatly,


So this concept will have to be broken down into a greater list of morally good and morally bad things.


Even though some of these concepts may have been taken from some religious scriptures, it doesn't mean that they are not true and meaningful in a morally aware society,


the wisdom is undeniable and is supported by many local and international laws already.


Some of these so called bad things are not illegal, but their practice will lead you down a path that will not prove to be advantageous throughout you life.


BAD THINGS                                                             GOOD THINGS


Murder                                                                      Helping People

Rape                                                                          Being Friendly

Lust                                                                            Chastity

Stealing                                                                     Giving

Cheating                                                                   Supporting

Lying                                                                          Being Truthful

Envy                                                                           Continence

Gluttony                                                                    Virtue

Wrath and or Anger                                                Justice

Greed                                                                        Fortitude

Pride                                                                         Temperance

Sloth and or laziness                                              Prudence

Vengeance                                                               Courage







Most of these are no brainers, though some of these unfortunately, are not even thought of

because of moral upbringing or because of religious dogma which prolongs these sort of beliefs.


Every country has different variations of good and bad, actually, they do not even categorize them in such a way as the sheer logic of it would just slap them in the face where the reality of their belief system would destroy their religious dogmas.


Another great offender is the suppression of free will, being able to live and let live, just cannot be accomplished in some peoples belief systems,


Free Will is a great thing when it is able to be used by everyone, your free will is great as long as it doesn't suppress anyone else s free will, also it will have to be understood that Free Will belongs to everyone with NO exceptions, that's all sexes and all races and all beliefs.

Alot more to come soon....