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Prepare yourselves to have your eyes opened to the Reality of our existence, the Enlightenment that you shall receive will be the greatest Truth that you can find.

Begining to see the light

Starting to see the light



  So What Should I Believe?


     So if you are a person without any religious beliefs, don't fret, as there are things that can be believed in, that can be proven to be good and true without beliefs in deities or any other nonprovable notions of all-pervading energies and the like.


There does not have to be a belief of Heaven or Hell, Demons or Angels or any other type of Afterlife to base your life on.


If you are a somewhat normal person that has any sort of Moral fiber, where right and wrong are not such a stretch in logic to comprehend, there are just a few things that need to be understood in order for you to be considered a "good person" that does good things,


there are some rules of sorts and some logical beliefs that need to be understood in order for your way of life to flow effortlessly along with others of all beliefs.


Firstly, if you treat others as you would like to be treated, this will go a long way in a semblance of peace among people, also if you treat everyone and I mean everyone with a measure of unconditional Love, that would prove to be the wisest thing imaginable,


those two thoughts alone would make you a saint in many peoples eyes, but in reality, these two thoughts are only as good as one's attitude towards life in general, just as someone that likes conflict and relishes argument, would expect to be treated thusly, and some peoples definition of Love may vary greatly,


So this concept will have to be broken down into a greater list of morally good and morally bad things.


Even though some of these concepts may have been taken from some religious scriptures, it doesn't mean that they are not true and meaningful in a morally aware society,


the wisdom is undeniable and is supported by many local and international laws already.


Some of these so-called bad things are not illegal, but their practice will lead you down a path that will not prove to be advantageous throughout your life.


BAD THINGS                                                             GOOD THINGS


Murder                                                                      Helping People

Rape                                                                          Being Friendly

Lust                                                                            Chastity

Stealing                                                                     Giving

Cheating                                                                   Supporting

Lying                                                                          Being Truthful

Envy                                                                           Continence

Gluttony                                                                    Virtue

Wrath and or Anger                                                Justice

Greed                                                                        Fortitude

Pride                                                                         Temperance

Sloth and or laziness                                              Prudence

Vengeance                                                               Courage







Most of these are no-brainers, though some of these, unfortunately, are not even thought of

because of moral upbringing or because of religious dogma which prolongs these sort of beliefs.


Every country has different variations of good and bad, actually, they do not even categorize them in such a way as the sheer logic of it would just slap them in the face where the reality of their belief system would destroy their religious dogmas.


Another great offender is the suppression of free will, being able to live and let live, just cannot be accomplished in some peoples belief systems,


Free Will is a great thing when it is able to be used by everyone, your free will is great as long as it doesn't suppress anyone else s free will, also it will have to be understood that Free Will belongs to everyone with NO exceptions, that's all sexes and all races and all beliefs.


For you, young adults that want to make a lifestyle decision, sticking to the actions in the good column will keep you out of trouble and give you time to discover what spiritual course you might like to take,


joining a gang to control your turf is a good way to have your life end in a hurry, but starting a gang that does good, and I don't mean fighting so called bad gangs, but being in a group that help people, possibly in your neighborhood or if you are able to travel, working for a group like habitat for humanity.


These decisions that need to be made, especially for the youth of our societies is difficult as there are different factors such as wanting to experience so many different things in such a hurry,


and the obstacles such as the opposite sex and peer pressure which might lead you to do something that you would not normally do, the adolescent emotions brought on by puberty along with difficulties dealing with people with the same problems make it hard to focus.


It all boils down to stop killing each other and to stop trying to control other peoples lives, if everyone was to be tolerant of others beliefs, and possibly learn something in the process, life would be a lot smoother going.


If you really want to know what to believe, believe in peace over war, believe in love over hate, believe that everyone has the right to believe as they wish,


and believe that your skin is a lot thicker than it is where angry attitudes will just bounce off of your tolerant self.


The Reality of this website is painfully obvious, it is going to lead you away from what makes the less than spiritual people of society do the things that they do in the name of materialism, to the other side of the metaphorical fence and think of others before yourself,


its aim is not to leave you homeless in the street, but to allow you to blend in with the material based on humans in a much more spiritual way.


There is no possible practical way to dispense with all material aspirations and still be a normal part of this society of humans, but by your divine examples, even YOU can make this a better place to live, and even become someone that people look up to.


     If there are still some of you that just need to know what the truth of Reality is before they can even go on any further, the examples given are good for a start,


even though we all live in a materialistic society, it doesn't mean that we need to worship materialism, we need to step back and look within for some answers,


I am sure it is good when we notice the terrible injustices in the world, and we feel good about discussing these injustices with our friends or we may feel good about giving something to a charity or to our church or whatever,


but it's one thing to talk the talk and another thing to walk the walk, how do we add to our materialistic society and how to we subtract from it should be some of our lingering thoughts.

Love beats hate every time



When we come down to the brass tacks of all of this confusion of what is or is not to believe in our existence, we cannot lose sight of our basic humanity, we are not animals,


we live in the 21st century and we should know better by now how to conduct ourselves, we should realize that everything on our planet is connected, the land, the animals and all of us.


The pollution of our planet, the exploitation of our natural resources, the suppression and oppression of our fellow humans, not to mention the hate and wars and terrorism,


at times I am embarrassed to be included in the human race, the way people base their lives on only the material aspects of existence and forget about why they have been put here, to begin with.


Civilization has been on this planet for 10's of thousands of years if not a lot longer, and what have we learned? Just imagine once, what you would be doing if it was 200 years ago.


Recently I was watching some videos about ancient civilizations and the speculations seem to get out of control, speaking of alien races enslaving humans or creating humanoids for slave labor, giants existing, some 1 mile tall.


There was a meshing with today's technology to explain some of these ruin's purposes, I have no doubt that there is some truth in some of these speculations, but these conspirator fanatics seen to try to overload everyone with too much data and hypothesis's, they seem to lack a focus,


I understand that they are writing books and are trying to make a living, but due to the lack of concrete evidence, everyone is flooded with a piece here and theory there,


there is definitely an entertainment factor there, but beware not to get sucked into the total package, and discriminate between what is important and what is pure speculation that really leads you to no benefit,


I have no doubt that there has been a civilization on our planet for much longer than science wants to admit, but the rest of these suppositions have no immediate bearing on my life,


the beliefs in nazi's under Antarctica building a space fleet, or the suppressed technology withheld by our government and the patent office, alien races living within our hollow earth and the "soon to be released" disclosure of these things are suspenseful and interesting, but I just don't think that it is worth basing your existence on.


There is a sort of competition going on with religion and science, religion has the faith thing going on and science is the "show me" belief system,


science has attained great power over the years by bringing us all of the great advancements like electricity, automobiles and air conditioning. Even though science uses the "scientific method" to come up with it's newest stuff,


still, there is a diversion from the "show me" path, to the "picture this" path of theories and best guesses, even though science accepts that an atom has particles, these particles have yet to be seen,


I have seen other models of atoms shaped like a torus where magnetism is the basis of its operation, also the proponents of this idea are considered quacks practicing pseudoscience,


so another idea of how reality interesting, almost like the emergence of another religion, watch out science, pseudoscience is the new kid in town, there is more than one way to propose a theory.


Alot more to come soon....